Hungry, Hungry

Both of my nurslings love their solid food. Nursling 1 has even sailed into toddlerdom without becoming too fussy about food. Most of the time this results in the satisfaction of empty bowls and messy grins. Other days my diet it determined largely by what nursling 1 has refused to eat.

Last night nursling 2 signaled the end of her dinner with her daily “oh no, my tea is all gone and I am very sad about it” yell. Which I fixed with some milk while nursling 1 tucked into her curry. With both girls fed I fetched my own dinner, which was raided by nursling 1 as well.

How hungry can one toddler be?

Obviously very hungry, because after raiding my dinner she promptly as for more. So I fetched her a snack of nuts while grabbing a pear for myself. At which point both girls decided they wanted my pear for themselves.

How many mouths can one pear feed?

Three apparently. As I doled out chunks of pear to nursling 1 and chewed up portions to nursling 2, and tried to get a few mouthfuls in edgeways for myself. This left both girls happily satisfied, and not long after husband returned with frozen yoghurt sticks which left me happily satisfied.

This morning nursling 1 made up for her food pilfering by generously feeding me grapes as I pushed her and nursling 2 in the trolley back to the car (paid for before we started eating them!). Before once again sharing my lunch then demanding more grapes. Today is another hungry day. And so it continues.


Scritch Scratch

Nursling 2 likes to hold her food now, whether it comes on a spoon, in rusk form, or from the breast. At the same time, her rate of fingernail growth seems to have doubled. No matter how much I cut the things they remain sharp and scratchy!

As she breastfeeds her little fingers grab fistfuls of skin and scratch!

They make nipple shields to protect that part but I need something to protect the rest. I wonder if such a thing exists.

Almost Civilised

We haven’t done a together feed in a while. Nursling 2 is getting bigger and bigger and there is only so much room on my lap, and besides that, the girls have very rarely wanted to milk at the same time. But the other day they did. So we curled up together, the three of us, in the rocking chair for both girls to have milk at the same time, and I was surprised to find that the experience had become civilised. There was no kicking, no squirming, no poking or hair pulling. Nursling 1 looked lovingly at nursling 2, nursling 2 looked back at her and reached out her hand, and they held hands peacefully. Not needing to fend either child of off the other, I relaxed and enjoyed the moment.

Well, that is until nursling 2 finished. At which point, smiling happily she commenced poking, hair-pulling and kicking her sister, who admittedly took this pretty well and continued to feed undeterred.


I will revel in that small moment of peace and perfection.

There were 4 in the bed…

… and the little one said: nothing, because she’s pre-verbal.

Nursling 1 said: Waaaaahhhh….*sob* …eyes…..nose….mouth…

Mummy said: Go to sleep

Nursling 1 said: Waaaahhhhhh!

Daddy said: *groan*

No-one rolled over, because no-one wanted to fall out.

Nursling 1 said: Waaaahhh!

Daddy said: Let’s try the teething gel.

*teething gel found and applied*

Nursling 1 said: *snore* (whilst lying on mummy)

Daddy said: *snore*

Nursling 2 said: *hungry snuffling noises* Waaahhh.

Mummy said: *sigh*

It’s times like these I wish we had a bigger bed.

Love Bites

One year old girls are very distracting. They’re cute, noisy, sometimes annoying, constantly sucking up new knowledge like the proverbial sponge and ready to engage with pretty much anything around them, especially the things they’re not meant to play with.

I love playing with nursling 1. It’s so much fun teaching her new skills and joyful to watch her proudly use them, awesome to hear the new words that she has picked up (there seems to be more every day) and sometimes pretty amusing hearing her pronounce them with a few wrong letters or use them in not quite the right context but almost.

Isn’t it amazing and fascinating the way God designed little bodies and orchestrates their growth?

The upshot of this is that sometimes I’m quite busy and distracted playing with nursling 1 when it is time for nursling 2 to feed, maybe reading a book or building a tower. So after attaching her I get back to playing with nursling 1 and become distracted again. So distracted that I sometimes don’t notice for quite some time that she’s slipped off and reattached herself. Being only weeks old, she’s not quite as proficient at this as her sister. And when I finally notice I realise that she’s attached herself somewhere other than the nipple…

…and my boobs are slowly getting covered in hickies.

Thanks for that little one!