Ode to My Rocking Chair

Oh, how I love to glide,
As I sit here in your seat,
Just a little force applied,
Then forward, back, repeat, repeat!
Nursling one and nursling two,
Both girls snuggly in my lap,
Both girls here enjoying milk,
Oh, these times are far too few!
One foot going tap, tap, tap,
Here we glide as smooth as silk.

I love to hear the odd little squeak,
As back and forth we go,
And the repeated moaning creak,
As we rock here to and fro.
Rocking chair, o rocking chair,
Many a cosy moment spent in your thrall,
Sunggled up in your embrace,
Morning or night you care,
Not at all, no not at all
As we rock at your easy pace.

Dear rocking chair your gentle touch,
Has two little girls now off to sleep.
Deep, steady breaths revealing much,
Two little girls sleeping, not a peep.
But tell me this, o rocking chair,
Now that they sleep soundly so,
Now that they are quiet, warm and fed.
How o sweet rocking chair,
Now that I must up and go,
Will I get them still sleeping into bed?


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