Poo smells!… and other revelations

Somewhere along the line somebody told me that the poos of breastfed babies smelled sweet. Don’t believe this, it is a lie! Breastfed baby poos do have a distinctive smell, but it’s not sweet; more yeasty than anything else, and not terribly offensive.

Toddler poo, by comparison, is in a league all of its own! One could be forgiven for mistaking breastfed baby poo as sweet compared to toddler poo.

Here are some other revelations that parenthood has uncovered for me:

  • Nappies amplify farts. No joke, it sounds like there are fire-crackers going off in there!
  • Newborn wee in disposables does actually smell sweet. Like sweet egg custard to be precise.
  • Apparently you don’t have to play to get dirty. In fact you don’t have to do much of anything at all. The amount of hand gunk and toe jam that nursling 2 produces without really doing anything with said appendages is remarkable. This isn’t even mentioning underarm and behind the ear gunk!




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