You Know Its Winter When…

  • Washing the dishes suddenly becomes really appealing (ahh, precious warmth!)
  • Rinsing out the nappies becomes even less appealing than usual (I think my fingers just turned into icicles!)
  • You avoid breastfeeding outside at all costs (has anyone ever lost a nipple to frostbite?)
  • Having all the nursing singlets in the wash at the same time is distressing, because the thought of having to bare any more skin than necessary is painful
  • It actually snows on Mount Lofty
  • By the time you get to Mount Lofty the snow is already gone. If you’re lucky there is enough sleet and hail to make a sleet-man.
  • Adorable but impractical fluffy, zip up suits with hoods and ears become the clothing of choice for the littlest one
  • The biggest one stops pulling her shoes and socks off because even she doesn’t want feet that cold!

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