There were 4 in the bed…

… and the little one said: nothing, because she’s pre-verbal.

Nursling 1 said: Waaaaahhhh….*sob* …eyes…..nose….mouth…

Mummy said: Go to sleep

Nursling 1 said: Waaaahhhhhh!

Daddy said: *groan*

No-one rolled over, because no-one wanted to fall out.

Nursling 1 said: Waaaahhh!

Daddy said: Let’s try the teething gel.

*teething gel found and applied*

Nursling 1 said: *snore* (whilst lying on mummy)

Daddy said: *snore*

Nursling 2 said: *hungry snuffling noises* Waaahhh.

Mummy said: *sigh*

It’s times like these I wish we had a bigger bed.


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