… is not next to Godliness.

Or at least I hope so, because the amount of time that I am actually clean has decreased quite a bit. More often than not I am covered in either smooshy 2nd hand toddler food, leaked milk or baby spew. So when I get the chance to take a shower I grab it with both hands!

This morning both my nurslings decided to have a sleep in which meant I got one too (thank you Lord, the extra sleep was indeed appreciated!) until I was woken up by a text on my phone. With both my girls still asleep I tiptoed into the bathroom (it is between the 2 rooms they happen to sleep in) and turned on the water, eager to wash the baby spew that nursling 2 had deposited there last night out of my hair.

Ah, hot showers on cold winter mornings are so nice! This one was very nice. Well, that is until the hot water began to run out just as I was beginning to shampoo my hair.

Needless to say it became a very hasty shower, a quick dry and practically a jog (whilst trying to be very quiet) back to the bedroom to warm up under the covers.


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