Boob Biscuits

I decided to make a batch of lactation cookies, or boob biscuits (because I am Australian, not American).

Reasons normal people make lactation cookies:

  • Their milk supply is low
  • They want to increase their milk supply

Reasons that I made lactation cookies:

  • I felt like making eating biscuits and needed a good excuse to do so
  • Brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal are expensive so I don’t want to waste them (and since I’m not normally into “health” or “super” foods I don’t use them otherwise)
  • Procrasti-baking and avoiding dishes while making more
  • Nursling 1 is having an extra long sleep so I have time up my sleeve

Any resulting boost in supply will be a welcome surprise for nursling 1, who certainly won’t mind the extra “gok”.



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