Nap Time

We made it to playgroup for the first time since nursling 2 was born today, and to the shops, which is a feat in itself. We even managed all this without a pram or stroller, and gained some experience in wrangling 2 girls out of the car and into a trolley (thank you ring sling, you serve me well!). And by the end of our outing I had one very tired girl, and another very hungry girl.

What to do with 2 sad, hungry, tired girls? Milk for everyone! Well, not for me, but I got to eat fancy yoghurt afterwards, which made up for it.

Amazingly this time we actually tandemed in the rocking chair (oh so comfy!) and didn’t have any ear pulling incidents. Violins could have actually been playing tender music in the background this time, it was so nice.

But all good things must come to an end. Both nurslings finished so I popped nursling 2 up on the big bed (don’t worry, it has rails on all 4 sided which not only keeps her safe from rolling off, but also safe from nursling 1), while I put nursling 1 in her cot. This apparently wasn’t part of nursling 1’s idea of how things should go. So after hastily taking the dirty nappies out of her room and speed wrapping nursling 2 in the stretchy I headed back into the girl’s room to help my oldest off to sleep.

Sometimes when you’re putting a baby to sleep time seems to slow and it feels like you’ll be here in this room with this sad, tired person, singing, rocking, patting or performing other repetitive movements (or whatever it is you do) forever. Then there is this blissful moment when you realise that your baby isn’t making noise anymore, you listen more closely and hear deep, peaceful breathing. Ah, a sleeping baby is so satisfying isn’t it! So as I was sitting there, cross-legged next to the cot, rocking from side to side to settle the little one and patting the other one, the moment came when I realised all I could hear from nursling 1 was deep, peaceful breaths while I watched nursling 2’s eyelids get heavy and her blinks becoming longer and longer. Ah, peace, quiet and the satisfaction of having 2 beautiful, sleeping girls. Sometimes I think I could sit there are enjoy them sleeping all day, but alas, there are nappies to wash.




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