Love Bites

One year old girls are very distracting. They’re cute, noisy, sometimes annoying, constantly sucking up new knowledge like the proverbial sponge and ready to engage with pretty much anything around them, especially the things they’re not meant to play with.

I love playing with nursling 1. It’s so much fun teaching her new skills and joyful to watch her proudly use them, awesome to hear the new words that she has picked up (there seems to be more every day) and sometimes pretty amusing hearing her pronounce them with a few wrong letters or use them in not quite the right context but almost.

Isn’t it amazing and fascinating the way God designed little bodies and orchestrates their growth?

The upshot of this is that sometimes I’m quite busy and distracted playing with nursling 1 when it is time for nursling 2 to feed, maybe reading a book or building a tower. So after attaching her I get back to playing with nursling 1 and become distracted again. So distracted that I sometimes don’t notice for quite some time that she’s slipped off and reattached herself. Being only weeks old, she’s not quite as proficient at this as her sister. And when I finally notice I realise that she’s attached herself somewhere other than the nipple…

…and my boobs are slowly getting covered in hickies.

Thanks for that little one!



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