Nursling 1 and I are no stranger to milk acrobatics. When it came to milk time she would suddenly decide to take up break dancing, become fascinated by something directly opposite us and have to try to look at it, or play a fun game of “how many things can I touch with my foot” (my nose included). As my belly grew with nursling 2 the moves just got more challenging as this now prominent feature became an extra item to touch with said foot, stretch around or use as a drum. We moved on from beginner to intermediate.

Now, having 2 nurslings takes things to a whole new level. We’ve moved up from intermediate to advanced. Picture this: new mum sits in a comfortable chair with a glass of water and snack on a side table beside her, takes her time and positions her newborn well for correct attachment. Mum is relaxed, baby feeds well staring into mum’s eyes and then drops off to sleep after a nice feed with a full tummy. There is probably sickeningly sweet music playing in the background too. Now forget all of that. It never happens for us!

This is how we do it!* “Nursling 2 makes known her needs with a loud “you can’t ignore this” cry, and continues to make needs known while I make sure nursling 1 is in a safe location, and that things are safe from her. Nursling 2 is hastily positioned, comes on and off a few times as the milk lets down and shoots down her throat (then at her face, the opposite wall and anything in between). The milk pressure subsides from fire hose grade to steady garden hose flow grade and gulping ensues. At this point nursling 1 decides she’d like some too. As she is very polite she asks “please”. I wrestle her one-handed onto whatever we happen to be sitting on at the time (normally not the comfy nursing chair that lives in nursling 1’s room). Then one-handed fight multiple layers of clothing away from the unoccupied side so that she can latch herself on while hoping she is too distracted to poke her sister. Once she is attached I take a moment to make sure neither child is squishing the other, then reattach nursing 2, who has been disturbed by this whole process. Then we’re good for a while and I use whatever hand or other body part (knee, foot) that is available to fend nursling 1 off of nursling 2 if needed (ears are particularly interesting, and need to be pulled). At some point nursling 2 finishes. This is never before nursling 1, that would be too easy. So I burp and jiggle nursling 2 one-handed while nursling 1 finishes. Then somehow wrangle one or both of them off of my lap when we are all done.

Why do we do this? Oh what joy to be rewarded with 2 contented girls both enjoying milk together, and the tender moments when nursling 1 will reach over while they feed to gently pat nursling 2 on the head or tummy, or hold her hand.

And so we have introduced nursling 2 to milk acrobatics. While she’s still a novice, I am certain she will catch on fast, I will master the one handed nursing skill set, and intermediate will eat our dust as we power on to expert level!


*Disclaimer: it’s not always like this. This is in fact, the exception to the rule. They do feed separately more often than together, and sometimes there is an extra pair of hands around to help (thank you hubby!). The together feeds are the fun ones though!





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