Who knew that this particular 4 letter word could cause such a fuss? At first mention it sounds perfectly innocent. But let me tell you, milk is a big deal, especially if it comes out of a human boob (although the bovine variety has had its own share of controversy lately here in Aus).

It’s a big deal for a new mum (and probably dad too!) who may wonder “do I have enough?” or “why are these red, rock hard things full enough to feed a small nation when I only have one baby?” It’s definitely a big deal for newborns, who care less about where it came from than whether it will fill their tummy. Curiously, it also seems to be a big deal for quite a lot of the rest of the population, who’s reactions vary from “wow, it really does all that?” (nourish, comfort, fight infection, decrease risk of cancer and disease – yes! They don’t call it liquid gold for nothing!) to “you’re doing what with it now?” (apparently breast milk jewellery is a legitimate thing – who knew?) and everything in between.

Milk is certainly a big deal in my household.

Let me introduce myself. I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls, a 1 year old and her little sister who followed 16 months after. I breastfeed both of my girls, sometimes simultaneously. Milk is demanded often and quite a lot of our day seems to revolve around it. I am wife to a brilliant husband, who also happens to enjoy dairy (bovine variety!). I am a child of God, and an avid admirer of His creation (human milk being pretty high up on the list of pretty amazing things He’s engineered). I also love to read and write.

So here we are at a convergence of these things, a blog about parenting and breastfeeding 2 girls at once. I hope I can entertain you along the way!


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